Pick of the Week: September 16th 2015 – The Fade Out #9

Published on September 24th, 2015

Hey Impactor’s! Welcome to another awesome installment of the Pick of the Week podcast. We have an awesome where we wax poetic on the significance of the release of Captain America: White in the age of post Brubaker. And speaking of Brubaker, Darren takes us to church with how amazing the newest release of The Fadeout. We review the newest from Rick Remender in Tokyo Ghost. And it wouldn’t be a POW podcast if we didn’t include evenire Star Wars. But wait!! We cover all our fandom bases with an amazing discussion about the Doctor Who premier! We do it all. What are you waiting for? PRESS PLAY!

Kirk FM

Running Time:01:03:18
Music:Bye Bye Girl – The Sharks


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