Pick Of The Week: July 8th 2015: Star Wars Lando #1

Published on July 15th, 2015

Sup Net! Kirk here. the new guy at Comic Impact! and those poor gullible fools put me in charge of telling you why you need to listen to our new episode this week. i’ll give you the only reason. MotherEffing Star Wars is our (MY) pick of the week! and i mean only the smoothness that Lando can deliver in a galaxy far far away (am i the only one who suddenly is craving a Colt45 tall boy?) yep. press play to hear why. and as an added bonus, the intoxicating velvet vibes of Billy Dee* himself makes a guest appearance on the show. we also keep the Sci-fi goodness rolling with some Descender action from Image comics. we revisit our old stomping grounds in the Secret Wars tie-in of Civil War. and i apologize now for steering dangerously close to old Kevin Smith jokes as i try to convince the guys that the new Archie series doesn’t suck. as well as some other extra comic fangasms, tangents, awkward silences, and lessons on how to make new friends on the internet. also Darren and Sheldon are on the show. they’re cool, too. they say stuff when I’m not being a critique genius. (i think i have now solidified that ill never be asked to write this copy again) PRESS PLAY, crack that tall boy and be enlightened with us! like! subscribe! hide your children! (* Not Billy Dee. i lied to you. I’m a bad person.)

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Running Time:01:16:06
Music: Smooth Criminal(Live Munich 1997) – Michael Jackson



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