Pick Of The Week: March 25th 2015 – Star Wars Darth Vader #3

Published on April 1st, 2015

Hello Comic Fans! Are you ready to be wowed by tales of comic suspense that will leave you breathless? Do you crave adventure and mystery around every corner?Then you have come to the right place! Welcome to the Pick of the Week for March 25th 2015!

This week join our two harrowing adventures, Sheldon and Sebastian, as the step past whizzing bullets in Miami Vice. Watch as the barely make it out with their lives from the Walking Dead! Stay on the edge of your seat as they push through the dry tumble weeds of Big Thunder Mountain and finally sit in awe when they finally make it to the deep recesses of cold space to confront this weeks Pick of the Week Darth Vader #3 by Kieron Gillien with art by Salvador Laroca!

Will they ever be the same? What became of Simon?Do they make it out with all their hands and feet attached?! Find out the answer to this and so much more in this episode of Comic Impacts Pick of The Week!

Sheldon Lee

Running Time:00:47:03
Music: Science Fiction,double Feature – The Rocky Horror Picture Show



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