Reviews: Guardians 3000 #3

Published on December 8th, 2014

Guardians3000_3Guardians of the Galaxy are everywhere with the success of the movie this summer. Potted Groots, Rocket & Groot variants, solo titles. So I have to say, I approached G3000 with a little skepticism, but actually, Abnett has won me over. He clearly loves the characters, and is acquainted and respectful of the characters and concepts. G3000 is pure fun and gets better with every issue. Abnett understands and has experience with the source material and is an accomplished science-fiction writer. In contrast, Bendis, Loeb/Duggan, Humphries, and Young have stepped into a more MCU approach to their characters. I still love the other titles, they’re just different.

In this issue, Abnett introduces us to The Nova Prime of the year 3014, Rael Rider, as she interacts with The Xandarian Worldmind. It was great to see another Nova sporting the surname of Rider. Abnett further explores how the Badoon have corrupted Stark tech and turned it into a force for evil. Abnett gives each a distinctive voice and personality, and uses humor to weave a tale of high-stakes adventure for our protagonists. The latter half brings in something from the other end of the spectrum with the 31st century Star-Lord. He’s cocky and confident, and he’s definitely fun in small doses.

Sandoval is just the right amount of fun and playful to go along with the tone of the book. The style reminds me a lot of Ramos, which I mean as the highest praise. Delgado’s colors help soften the exaggerated artistic style of Sandoval for a satisfying artistic experience. This book is a ton of fun and always has me looking forward to the next issue.

Noelle Raemer