POW: May 28th 2014 – Elephantmen #57

Published on June 4th, 2014

Join Sebastian and Simon on the super short episode of the ComicImpact pick of the week Podcasts don’t worry in might be short but we still cover all the amazing books from last week Simon had the pick and he went with Elephantmen #57 by Marian Churchland and Richard Starkings with artwork by Marley Zarcone from Image comics. We also talk about C.O.W.L. # 1,Tress #1 from Image comics.

And for you marvel/DC fan we got you covered as we talk about Ms. Marvel #4 and Nightwing #30 also the amazing artwork of Gabriel Hardman on Star Wars Legacy II #15. Download this episode and Take the dog out for a walk and enjoy a brand-new episode of the Comicimpact pick of the week Podcasts.

Running Time:00:28:58
Music: Manic Street Preachers – The Girl Who Wanted To Be God.

Simon Daoudi


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