POW May 7th 2014 – Original Sin #1

Published on May 13th, 2014

Join the team of Simon and Sebastian as they talk about comics from last week (May 7th 2014). Sebastian had the pick and he went with Original Sin #1 by Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato from Marvel Comics.

You may recall he also picked Original Sin #0 a few weeks back Find out why he’s really excited about this miniseries Simon tells you why he’s excited about reading Miles Morales one more time and a lot more. on a brand-new episode of the Comicimpact podcast pick of the week so put on your headphones start rocking out to a brand-new episode. Trust us you’ll thank us if not please don’t send us any hate mail because we love you and we love talking about comics just for you.

Remember you can send in any questions to questions@ComicImpact.com and we will answer your questions on the air.

Running Time:00:36:25

Music:Manic Street Preachers – Walk Me To The Bridge

Simon Daoudi



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