POW April 30th 2014 -Elephantmen #56

Published on May 7th, 2014

Hey comic fans, are you ready for another Pick of the Week Podcast? Then join Simon and Sheldon as they talk about comics for the week of April 30, 2014. Simon had the pick and went with Elephantmen #56, written by Richard Starkings and Mark Schweikert with artwork by Shaky Kane.

That’s right, it’s the third time this creative team has worked together and the third time Simon picked Elephantmen. That what we call a “Hat Trick” in hockey!

Oh, you liked that sports reference, didn’t you? Well, guess what? Simon and Sheldon also talk about the NBA and NHL playoffs with their comics, so what more could you ask for? Simon also gets a history lesson on the Highlander lore and Sheldon finds out the significance of “Quack” from Simon’s younger days.

So join in on this brand-new episode of the Pick of the Week that is part basketball, hockey, and 1980s sci-fi, intertwined with their comics.

Remember you can send in any questions to questions@ComicImpact.com and we will answer your questions on the air.

Running Time:00:46:40
Music:  Air – Mer du Japon

Simon Daoudi



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