Review: Keepers of the Lost Art #1

Published on January 20th, 2014

Do you remember when you were a child and anything was possible? Using your imagination, how often were you Batman or even Spider-Man, climbing walls? I remember spending hours in my backyard playing Ninja Turtles with my friend Peter, thinking I was a part of the Turtles universe and for days and months, doing the same with Star Wars.

KeepersoftheLostArt1Keepers of the Lost Art was a Kickstarter that was recently funded by the creative team of Kathryn King and Britt Ehringer (Cavedweller Productions), with story by Sasha Van Wie and artwork by David Susini.

It’s a story of a young boy who visits his grandfather. His grandfather shows him that the adventures you can have outside are far better than playing PlayStation or watching reruns of Adventure Time on TV.

What I love about this book is how it shows a child’s imagination is something wonderful and we’ve all experienced the same feelings, either as a child oursleves or spending time with kids.  A common question that we have here at Comic Impact is, “I love comics and want to get my kids into comics. What can I start them with?” Well, Keepers of the Lost Art is the perfect introduction into comics for young readers. It is full of amazing, gorgeous artwork by David Susini that you would find in any Scholastic Book at your local library. The book is also interactive and the last few pages have word searches, jokes, and other fun activities that a child could easily sit down to do after reading this book.

I’m always pleased to see comic creators, in an industry that are full of corporate franchises, design books for all ages. Keepers of the Lost Art is not going anywhere, as it’s something I’m sure we’ll hear more about down the line. If you get a chance, check out their site,, and their children’s site, They’re full of interactive content that encourages children to use their imagination, because who knows? The children reading Keepers of the Lost Ark may become the next big name in the comic industry. Stay tuned to Comic Impact as we discuss Keepers of the Lost Art with its creators.

Simon Daoudi