BEST Covers of the Week: January 8th 2014

Published on January 10th, 2014

Welcome to the Best Covers of the Week! You may recall we used to have something called Best Covers of the Month, well guess what? From now on we are going to have Best Cover of the Week and every Friday we will post the top comic book covers for that weeks comics.

Green Arrow (2011-) #27 – Cover by Andrea Sorrentino

Green Arrow fights for his life against the head of the Shield Clan, the deadly Kodiak. Plus, learn the tragic secret that turned Oliver Queen into Green Arrow. “The Outsiders War” part 2.


Adventure Time: The Flip Side #1 – Cover by Wook Jin Clark

WHY WE LOVE IT: Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover, the team behind the Eisner Awardwinning BANDETTE, writing ADVENTURE TIME?! It’s a match made in comic book heaven!

WHY YOU WILL LOVE IT: The ‘Freaky Friday’ trope is turned on its head with an Ooosized twist! Tobin and Coover, together with newcomer Wook Jin Clark bring you a dream ADVENTURE TIME miniseries like you’ve never seen it!

WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Finn and Jake find themselves without a quest and a little too much free time what better place to look for a new adventure than the ‘Adventurer’s Posting Board’?! Only the adventure they grab might be more complicated than they first imagined…this might be the most complicated adventure they’ve ever been on!

Afterlife With Archie #3 – Cover by Francesco Francavilla

NEW ONGOING SERIES! “Escape from Riverdale” Part 3: The zombie apocalypse is in full swing and the surviving members of the gang have taken refuge in the Lodge Mansion — believing themselves safe from the infected roaming the streets of Riverdale! But there’s no stopping Archie from sneaking out, risking life and limb to find his missing parents — leaving those sequestered behind vulnerable to an enemy within! The zombie mayhem (and body-count) continues to rise in this breakout series, for TEEN+ readers!


Fantomex Max #4 (of 4) – Cover by Francesco Francavilla

The epic conclusion of Fantomex’s first-ever miniseries! Can everyone’s favorite French Super-Thief overcome the agents of Grover Lane? Or will he find this victory to be the one thing he can’t steal?

Three #4 – Cover by Ryan Kelly

The three helot slaves desperate to escape from the repressive Spartan regime find themselves cornered on the border…but not by the pursuer they expected. Trapped and running out of options, they know the Spartan army is marching closer. They can’t hide. They can’t run. Are they seriously going to fight?


So remember to come back every Friday for Best Cover of the Week. Tuesday find out what Sheldon and Simon’s top 5 for the past week were. Then on Wednesday’s the POW (Pick of the Week) Podcast. All this and more from your favorite comic book news site where we prove comics make an impact in our lives and yours only at

Simon Daoudi