Best Covers Of The Week:December 18th 2013

Published on December 20th, 2013

Welcome to the Best Covers of the Week! You may recall we used to have something called Best Covers of the Month, well guess what? From now on we are going to have Best Cover of the Week and every Friday we will post the top comic book covers for that weeks comics.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #29 –  Cover By – Ross Campbell

Recovering from the events of City Fall, the Turtles seek sanctuary in the countryside. They bring with them new questions, tension within the family – and a stowaway! Don’t miss this first issue of the newest TMNT arc, ‘Northampton’!


Batman and Robin #26 – Cover by  Mick Gray

It’s double trouble as Batman investigates Harvey Dent’s past to try to find him in the present—but is he ready to face the dark truth behind Two-Face’s origin?

 Mind the Gap #16 – Cover By Rodin Esquejo


Everything has changed, and the world as these characters know it will never be the same. New mysteries, higher stakes, bold action. Welcome to the next phase of MIND THE GAP. If you’ve been waiting to jump on, now’s the time!

BatmanandRobin26 MindTheGap16

Superior Spider-Man Team- Up #8 – Cover By Paolo Manuel Rivera

  • After the events of the Superior Six, the Superior Spider-Man faces off with an even deadlier foe: SELF-DOUBT.
  • Has the Superior Spider-Man been humbled? How can he come back from this?
  • With the help of a guest-star even more arrogant than Spider-Man… THE SUB-MARINER!

Uncanny Avengers #15 – Cover by Steve McNiven

  • After the numerous deaths last issue the Avengers Unity Squad is left shattered and broken.
  • The fate of humanity rests in the hands of Thor, but can the God of Thunder defeat the combined might of two Apocalypses?
  • At the same time The Wasp fights for her life against the unparalleled might of The Sentry!

SuperiorSpiderMan TeamUp8UncannyAvengers15

So remember to come back every Friday for Best Cover of the Week. Tuesday find out what Sheldon and Simon’s top 5 for the past week were. Then on Wednesday’s the POW (Pick of the Week) Podcast. All this and more from your favorite comic book news site where we prove comics make an impact in our lives and yours only at

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