Best Covers of The Week: October 9th 2013

Published on October 11th, 2013

Welcome to the Best Covers of the Week! You may recall we used to have something called Best Covers of the Month, well guess what? From now on we are going to have Best Cover of the Week and every Friday we will post the top comic book covers for that weeks comics.

Afterlife With Archie #1 – Cover by  Francesco Francavilla

NEW ONGOING SERIES! “Escape From Riverdale”-This is how the end of the world begins… Harvey Award-winning writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Carrie, Archie meets Glee) and Eisner-winning artist Francesco Francavilla (Batman, Black Beetle) take Archie and the gang where they’ve never been before-to the grave and back! A horrific accident sets off a series of grim events and Sabrina the Teenage Witch must try to repair the unspeakable evil her spell has unleashed. Gasp in horror as Riverdale faces an impending zombie Arch-pocalypse in this brand-new, spine-tingling ongoing series-but be warned, kiddies, this one’s not for the faint of heart! For TEEN+ readers.


Avengers Arena #16 – Cover by Francesco Francavilla

On Murder World Island, it’s the surviving contestants in an all-out battle royale! Down in Arcade’s lair, it’s two other contestants vs. Arcade!

Batman #24 – Cover by Greg Capullo 

Batman is on the trail of the Red Hood Gang and their mysterious leader, secret origins are revealed, and a major surprise will change the course of Zero Year and Batman’s life. “Zero Year” part 4


Deadpool Vol. 4 #18 – Declan Shalvey


Deadpool’s past has been weaponized! Three Weapon Plus alumni unite to take it down!

Mars Attacks Judge Dredd #2 (of 4) – Cover by Greg Staples

The Martian mayhem continues in Mega-City One! It’s all-out gang war as the Martians help muscle in on as much territory as possible. Meanwhile, Dredd brings in one of the Mafia dons for interrogation, and what Judge Anderson discovers sends chills down her spine. And what’s inside the mysterious sphere found in the Mafia nightclub?


So remember to come back every Friday for Best Cover of the Week. Tuesday find out what Sheldon and Simon’s top 5 for the past week were. Then on Wednesday’s the POW (Pick of the Week) Podcast. All this and more from your favorite comic book news site where we prove comics make an impact in our lives and yours only at

Simon Daoudi