POW: September 4th 2013 – The Star Wars #1

Published on September 11th, 2013

Hello Comic Impact! Welcome to yet another episode of the World Famous Comic Impact Pick of The Week! This week Sheldon has the Pick and he went with The Star Wars #1  from Dark Horse Comics written by J.W. Reinzler with art by Mike Mayhew

Ahhh it was fun to visit a different Galaxy Far Far away and slightly to the right. But hey not everyone loves Sci Fi and to those people I say Good Day Sir! It’s cool though we are Comic Impact we got you covered1 because we also talk about Forever Evil,Infinity,Trillium,All New X-Men and Chew. Like What you hear? We thought so! Have a question for us? Send it to questions@comicimpact.com and you just might hear it on the next episode of Pick of the Week!

Running Time:00:54:43
Music: Rondeau -Theme to Masterpiece Theatre

Sheldon Lee




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