POW:July 17th 2013 – Elephantmen #50

Published on July 26th, 2013

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You’ve been waiting and you’ve been waiting for the Pick of the Week podcast for  the week of July 17th 2013 and now it is finally here.

But this isn’t just any normal Podcasts it’s the big 400 that’s right we officially have produced 400 episodes of Comic Impact podcast! So join Simon and Sheldon as they talk about Elephantmen #50 by Richard Starkings with artwork by Axel Medellin, Gabriel Bautista & Moritat as it has  the honor of being the pick of the week. That’s not all though Scarlet is back from Brian Michael Bendis and Sheldon compares it  to a 1980s movie. Simon talks about the end of Harbinger War by Joshua Dysart  and has a message for Valiant comics.

Also Sheldon tells us how much he is in love with the Mad Titan named Thanos. All this and more and we answer your questions also feel free to send us questions. We love hearing from you as we do this for you guys and girls out there. Thank you for supporting us and 400 is just the beginning for Comic Impact!

Running Time:01:04:00
Music: Pet Shop Boys – Bolshy.

Simon Daoudi



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