POW: April 17th 2013: Daredevil #25

Published on April 25th, 2013

What’s up Comic Impact!!! You just haphazardly stumbled into the Pic of The Week here at Comic Impact! This week Sheldon and Antonio talk the best comics of April 17th 2013 and because Sheldon had the pick he went with Daredevil #25 by Mark Waid and art by Chris Samnee!

Don’t fear though if you aren’t into comics staring guys in red spandex then you have at least a one out of five chance of liking the other books;P I kid, I kid the other books that will lick your sweet ear drums are Age of Ultron,Captain America, Night Wing, XO and Daredevil End of Days! Not bad right? Like how we bookended it?So keep it right here and you might catch some other did bits of knowledge passed down by these keepers of comic wisdom.

Running Time:00:54:44
Music: Oblique City – Phoenix

Sheldon Lee



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