POW: March 6th 2013 Green Arrow #18

Published on March 14th, 2013

Welcome one and all to what is possibly the GREATEST SHOW ON THE INTERNET!!! Oh yes this is the one you want to fill your ears with as Sheldon is joined by Matt Ryan of Pixel by Pixel fame! Don’t know what that is? Well check em out especially if you dig on video games. Enough of this cross promotion stuff!

New comics came out this week and Sheldon had the pick so he decided to go with Green Arrow #18 by Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrento.Fear not though brave listeners because that isn’t the only book they talked about…oh no it is not! They guys also talk about All New X-Men,Hellboy In Hell,Age of Ultron,Shadowman,Superior Spider-man,Swamp Thing and The Ultimates!! Another action packed week full of comics, now with added Beer talk! It happened..just have a listen.

Sheldon Lee


Running Time:00:52:37
Music: Beer For Breakfast -The Replacements




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