POW: January 2nd 2013 Hellboy in Hell #2

Published on January 9th, 2013

Hey Comic Impact! Are you ready for one HELL of a Podcast? I hope so because this was the Pick for the week of January 2, 2013 and Sheldon,Antonio & Pat are here to rock  your little comic world!! Sheldon had the pick this week and he chose Hellboy in Hell #2 from Dark Horse Comics! Don’t like Hellboy?

That’s ok because there are PLENTY of other books we talk about like All New X-Men,New Avengers, Invincible,Batman Inc., Red She Hulk,Justice League Dark,Manhattan Projects and Daredevil End of Days! Whew lots to talk about in this new year!!So grab your headphones and a bog warm blanket  cause it is time to “Get it On!!!”

Running Time:01.16.11
Music: Kill Hannah – Lips Like Morphine

Sheldon Lee




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