POW: December 5th 2012: Avengers #1

Published on December 12th, 2012

This weeks Pick of the Week should be no surprise. When you have one of the most creative writers in comics of the past 50 years and one the best artists joined by his long time colorists you get Avengers number one by Jonathan Hickman,Jerome Opeña and Dean V. White from  Marvel comics.

That’s not all we talk about though we also talk about the impact that Justin Jordan has had this past week in comics, not only did he have one book he had two this week!. Sheldon talk’s about Shadowman 2 from Valiant and Antonio talks about The Legend of Luther Strode from Image.Sheldon goes on another rant as he jumps on his soapbox and talks about Characters,Creators and Fans. Listen up fan boys!!!

Antonio is in love with Stumptown from Greg Rucka . Simon realizes that he spoiled himself by reading Hellboy in Hell.If that is still not enough for you we also talk about All New X-Men #3,Invincible #98,Punisher War Zone #2 and more.

Time to light up the menorah, drink some eggnog and listen to your favorite comic book podcast in this galaxy or any other!.

Running Time:01:04:34
Music: Kirby Krackle – Baby It’s Cold Outside

Simon Daoudi



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