Comic Elements: November 19th 2012

Published on November 19th, 2012


The holidays are here amigos and amigas! who’s ready to gain 20 pounds in less than 5 weeks?
And then throw up said pounds in the course of one massive New Years vomit party???

SORRY- I know thats gross- but I reckon it goes with this lovely card aye? would it be okay to eat Vulture? perception is reality right?

Hope y’all stay safe and eat lots this Wednesday, you’ll need your energy for Friday! LETS GET INTO SOME FIGHTS AT BEST BUY!

No really- please be sure to give retail workers a big smile, a pat on the back and above all else a break- they’ve got to deal with a mess of jerk customers who find it necessary to destroy the spirit of these poor workers!

Bring em some cookies! Beer! Gas gift cards!

Happy turkey day amigos n amigas