POW: October 3rd 2012 Action Comics #13

Published on October 10th, 2012

It’s the P.O.W you have all been waiting for! The Final talk about the Final issue of Avengers v X-men! We even have the results from the Poll, however that isn’t the pick of the week for October 3rd  because Sheldon chose Action Comics #13 by Grant Morrison with art by Travel Foreman!

Not everyone though is in agreement about Avengers VS X-Men #12 so listen as both Simon and Travis double team and tear into Sheldon like one of Howard Chaykin’s characters in The Black Kiss! I kid you not! What is this Nazi Germany?

Can’t a guy have another opinion…apparently not. The fun doesn’t stop there though as we also discuss DareDevil:End of Days, Animal Man, Swamp Thing and Avenger’s Academy! We also take a few minutes to update you on our boy Pat Loika.

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Running Time:01:25:26
Music: Dr. Brixx – Thumping a Tub of Gasoline (Chumbawamba vs. Britney Spears) – Newark, New Jersey

Sheldon Lee

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