POP Nation: Gearing Up for New York Comic Con!

Published on October 5th, 2012

Hello, all! No new POP Nation next Friday, as I will be running amuck at New York Comic Con. But when I return I will have the skinny on all the cool stuff I saw. So never fear!

If you, too, are headed to New York for the show, there is a metric buttload of cool Con exclusives to be found. Check out the official NYCC website at http://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/ to get a peek at the schedule, and their master list of show-exclusive swag.

I’m particularly excited about the offerings from Marvel Comics. Both Marvel and DC will be bringing some cool variant cover comics to the show, Marvel is going to the next level, with two con exclusive T- shirts, and a con-exclusive Guardians of the Galaxy mug, featuring a Rocket Raccoon illustration by Joe

If you’re a Minimates fan (And who isn’t? They’re SOOOOO CUTE!) check out Action Figure Xpress at booth 556. They’ll have boxed sets featuring Alpha Flight, Thor, and the Thundercats!

Finally, Shirts for a Cure will be at booth 1003 with an exclusive Hellboy T- shirt. You can get a really sweet shirt AND help in the fight against breast cancer at the same time!

Happy hunting! And have fun at NYCC! I know I will.

Travis M. Holyfield

If you ARE coming to NYCC, head to the GrayHaven Comics booth (#2457). I will be there on Friday from noon to 2 pm, signing comics with my frequent collaborator and bosom buddy, Chris Page. Come check out some of my comics work and say hello!