Cool stuff I saw at NYCC 2012, Part I

Published on October 26th, 2012

Hi, everybody! I’m back from New York Comic Con! I’d like to thank Simon for covering for me while I was off. His gushing over the Ninja Turtles was so good, I’m thinking of going away a lot more.

So NYCC was predictably big-ass, as it continues to creep towards being the San Diego ComicCon of the East Coast. I could spend the rest of the year just talking about cool stuff I saw, but sensory overload has reduced most of my memories to colorful blurs and the sound of delighted nerdchatter. I met my stated goal of acquiring one of the Con-exclusive Avengers shirts, and snagging a Rocket Raccoon mug for both myself and for Sheldon.

Getting into most of the panels I wanted to attend in the capacity of intrepid pop culture reporter turned out to be an unbelievable shitshow, so I ended up watching the redband trailer for the new Evil Dead remake on the internet like everyone else. (Initial reaction, three words: Oh. Hell. Yes.)

Walking the floor, I got to see a motherload of amazing pop culture swag, much of which is available at I saw several people rocking the Chewbacca costume hoodie, and would probably wear that thing every day of my life. And I fell deeply in love with the Doctor Who bathrobe that looks like a Tardis. (My wife’s response when I, bright eyed and dancing, told her about the robe: “You don’t WEAR a bathrobe.” Me: “Well, that’s because I don’t have one that looks like a TARDIS, now isn’t it?”)

TriForce was there in all their glory, and their space on the show floor was jampacked with people trying to get pictures of the amazing replicas they produce. Among the items I saw were the Gears of War Torque Bow, the Darksiders II Scythe, and the Warhammer 40K Chainsword. But what really made my pants fit funny were the props from Rocksteady’s Arkham City game. Nightwing’s Escrima Sticks, The Batarang and replicas of the Riddler/Catwoman trophies were on display and looked absolutely gorgeous. I want that Riddler trophy so bad I can taste it. After all the hours I spent grinding away at Arkham City to find and acquire all of those little bastards, I feel like it’s my RIGHT.

Next week, in part two, I’ll wax rhapsodic about the amazing game terrain and accessories I spotted. Tune in then!

Travis M. Holyfield