The Impact:August 26 – September 4th 2012

Published on September 4th, 2012

Hey Guys it’s another busy week in the comic world so let’s jump right into an all new installment of The Impact.Sorry for the delay as we were having some technical problems over the weekend.

Geoff Johns and David Finch on New Justice League of America.

One of the late breaking announcements to come out of last weekend’s FanExpo Canada was the news that Geoff Johns and David Finch will be teaming up for a new book entitled Justice League of America. Featuring a cast consisting of The Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Hawkman,  the new Green Lantern Baz, Steve Trevor (He’s alive!), Catwoman, Katana, Stargirl, and Vibe….yep you heard me Vibe…take a moment to really let that sink in.  While talking to MTV Geek! Johns explained that, “…the book itself is a group of heroes that aren’t necessarily coming together because they want to be together… They’ve been selected specifically. They all want, or need something that Steve Trevor, and the other person behind the scenes that’s in charge of this team can provide.”

Johns confirmed he will be writing both books Justice League and Justice League of America and that the spin off will  launch sometime in 2013.

Check Out the Second Printing Cover to Justice League #12.

Courtesy of Buzzfeed. I hope everyone had as much fun reading Justice League #12 as I did. The issue which has already sold out will be getting a second printing with a new cover by Jim Lee. Check it out.

Snyder and Lee on Man of Steel. Morrison and Paquette on Wonder Woman Year One.

Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool continues to be the man in the know two rumors he ran this week are very interesting… word is that in 2013 DC will launch a new monthly Superman book entitled Man of Steel, which will be written by Scott Snyder with art by Jim Lee. This makes sense that DC would want a new Superman book out in time for the movie Man of Steel and you can’t deny that Snyder is one of if not their best writer. Also if you want Jim Lee on a monthly you need him to start working now in order to give him the proper amount of lead time.

The second interesting rumor is that next year DC will publish Wonder Woman Year One by Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette. Stay tuned as these stories develop.

Chris Bachalo Leaves Wolverine and the X-Men . Ramon Perez Enrolls.

Well we have a bad news good news situation folks. On Thursday Bachalo revealed the news on his blog.

The big news is that issue 16 of Wolverine and the X-Men will be my last. I’m really bummed about this as I have loved working on the book. Jason Aaron has established himself as one of the best writers in the business and its been nothing but a pleasure collaborating with him. He’s been nothing but amazing scripting the book—and kept it interesting despite the limited workspace that crossovers tend to create. I’m super proud of our work together and, if I’m lucky, I’ll get to work with him again.

What’s next? I don’t have the authorization to reveal at this time but when the mother ship announces I’ll comment further as necessary. I can say that it will be a new launch that will ship early next year. My main Man, Tim Townsend, will be along for the ride.

In the meantime, I have one other small project over at Marvel that I’m working on that I think you will enjoy. It’s very early in production and I’m not going to elaborate on what it is right now, but, if it works out, it will be nice filler before the new monthly gets rolling.

That’s the bad news. The good news is Ramon Perez (John Carter Gods of Mars, Jim Henson’s Tales of Sand) will be replacing Bachalo on the book. Perez is one of the fastest rising stars in comics and I can not wait to see him work with writer Jason Aaron.

Marvel Teases Avengers Vs. X-Men #12 and gives us a first look at Uncanny Avengers #1.

Hmmm. I’m very curious as to how the end of AVX will play out.

Courtesy of CBR here is the first look at the interior artwork of Uncanny Avengers #1 by Rick Remender and John Cassaday. Looking at these preview pages from Uncanny X-Men makes me feel a lot better that John Cassaday is really giving us his A-game and I love the way he draws Cap’s new uniform.

Also check out the Hastings variant of AVX #12 featuring Deadpool as a bookie for Marvels supervillians.

ABC Greenlights Joss Whedon’s S.H.I.E.L.D TV Show.

Earlier this month I told you guys that when Joss Whedon agreed to write and direct Avengers 2 he also signed up to develop a new TV series for ABC that would take place in the Marvel Universe. On Tuesday we learned that ABC has already ordered a pilot  and that the show will be focus on S.H.I.E.L.D, the espionage organization that  oversees the Marvel universe. Whedon will write the pilot and schedule permitting would direct it as well.   When talking to Variety Whedon explained that the show would be autonomous from The Avengers movie. Whedon’s brother, Jed Whedon, and Maurissa Tancharoen will help write the pilot and will be the showrunners. Avengers 2 hits theaters May 1st 2015. I am very excited for this one guys the potential this series has is pretty damn near endless.

Check Out A New Clip and Samples From the New Dredd 3D Score.
Check out the latest sneak peek clip of Dredd 3D featuring Karl Urban delivering Dredd’s signature line. Also this week Metropolis Movie Music gave fans their first taste of Paul Leonard-Morgan’s score for Dredd 3D which hits theaters September 21st.

IGN debuted the cover to the Dredd 3D prologue comic they are debuting next week. The book will focus on the origin of Ma-Ma,  Greg Staples did a fantastic job with this cover. If you want to create your own cover Lionsgate created an app that allows you to create your own at Be sure to check it out. Dredd 3D hits theaters September 21st.

Well that’s all we have for this week. Stay tuned for some big surprises for The Impact and Comic Impact as a whole in the weeks ahead. Have a great Labor Day weekend guys.

Matt Todd