Review: Bloodshot #3

Published on September 11th, 2012

Bloodshot is the story of a man who was turned into a weapon of mass destruction by the government to be used on missions to take out targets and other threats that are looking to destroy America. Bloodshot works for an agency of the government called Project Rising Spirit that is run by Simon Oreck. On a mission Bloodshot is captured by a former P.R.S. scientist by the name of Dr. Kuretich who reveals to Bloodshot what he actually is and that the memories he has are just implants to get him to do all the nasty things the government wants him to accomplish.

This issue is continuing the story balancing three different story lines that seem to converge at the end of the issue. The first story is about Bloodshot looking to find out his real identity. He is on his way to question one of his “wives” hoping that she might have some answers on who he is and what her connection is to Dr. Kuretich. It is revealed that Kuretich used people he knew from his past life to implant as memories into Bloodshot, as the doctor was vital in creating Bloodshot.

Dr. Kuretich is on a mission to expose P.R.S. and all the horrific things they have done to the country.  Kuretich uses information he downloaded from Bloodshot’s mind to find a buried city by the name of Atlee in Nevada. We are shown a destroyed city with human bones everywhere. Atlee had an ‘unleashed destructive force beyond comprehension’ released on it and its people.

Simon Oreck, though not seen in this issue, sends out his best man, Dodge, to eliminate Bloodshot and Dr. Kiretich as they are seen as threats to the agency and must be dealt with. Dodge is given permission to use extreme force in the shape of a woman only referred to as Her to bring down Bloodshot.

This all leads to bloodshot getting a warning from his ‘son’ via the nanites in his body that there is a WMD heading to his location. Knowing that this isn’t the first time that something like this has happened, and on another page confirmed by Dodge, Bloodshot leaves in the ambulance he stole last issue to get out of town so that what happened in Atlee doesn’t happen in Blythe.  Once on the highway Dodge releases Her, who he finally calls Pulse. Pulse releases an electromagnetic pulse that neutralizes the nanites in Bloodshot making him vulnerable to getting killed. Dodge tells Bloodshot that he is sorry but he’s a threat that needs to be taken care of then shoot him in the head.

Swierczynski is crafting a really great spy on the run story making it one of the best offerings from Valiant comics. With this issue things are really coming together and the way it ends shows that nothing is off limits when it comes to the story. There are a lot of angles that you can see the story though as I think there is no clear villain and no clear hero in all of this, you can actually make a case for each of the main characters. Bloodshot is a rogue agent, he’s out for himself. Yes, he was betrayed by his country but it wasn’t anything he didn’t sign up for himself, as far as we know. So as of now he’s AWOL and disobeying orders, which then in turn puts Simon Oreck in the position of having to clean up after Bloodshot’s mess.  He is tasked with eliminating this AWOL project as he is responsible for setting his path in motion. He’s just doing his job, and I like that the government agency isn’t being depicted as the big bad government doing bad things.  Then there’s Dr. Kuretich who is labeled a traitor by the government but is he really? He’s trying to expose the truly bad things the government has done in the name of protection. This is why I love this comic, you are given a lot of the information and it is up to the reader to come to conclusions about it all. It’s very smart and it doesn’t talk down to the reader. This comic makes you think at the same time giving you an awesome comic featuring a badass character in Bloodshot.

Antonio P. Cuneo