Comic Elements: September 21st 2012

Published on September 21st, 2012




I know there’s gonna be a mess of people that go to see this and give it a thumbs sideways, probably even a thumbs down.  You don’t know what you were getting yourself into here.  It’s okay sweetheart.

Oh God is this gonna be another one of those SLOW MOTION ACTION BULLET TIME drenched flicks??  No baby, it’s not.  In fact they don’t really use slow motion sequences that much.  It’s mostly reserved to show the effects of the drug they all use.  And it’s done well for that matter. Sit down.

The GORE.  SO MUCH.  I SAW THE INSIDE OF A MAN’S MOUTH AND NOT BECAUSE HIS MOUTH WAS OPEN.  There IS a ton of bloody, messy scenes- but they showed restraint.  It wasn’t one of those “this is so gory it’s cute” movies- not here lady.  This was GOOD.  PLENTIFUL.

Like a hearty meal followed up with a Cool Whip topped serving of Jell-O for desert.

I’ll admit, half way through the movie I started to be feel a bit robbed.  I hadn’t expected it to be so straight forward and simple.  Not to say I was looking for something super complex and Oscar worthy- but at that moment the lil drokker on my shoulder on my shoulder reminded me what and who I was watching. DREDD. We don’t need twists, turns or back stabbing politician officials- HE FUCKS SHIT UP. THAT IS HIS JOB. AND THAT IS WHAT HE DID.

If the only thing you know about JUDGE DREDD is Sylvester Stallone insisting that he is the law, you’ll probably consider this to be a second rate Blade Runner wannabe flick, where Star Trek’s “BONES” McCoy runs around with a “I need to take a shit” face while trying to emulate the voice of Clint Eastwood in Gran Turino.

If you HAVE slept with the unforgiving yet seductively tastey MEGA CITY ONE, then my friend I can assure you will sit through the credits with a very satisfying grin on your face.

Big shout out to the middle aged Scottish dude who kept schooling us on Judge Dredd history.

He was a real trooper!

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