Published on July 20th, 2012


A lot of times we talk to creators about their upcoming projects but it’s not often that we get to talk to a creator that one of us looks up to however for Simon that would soon change. We were lucky enough to get the chance to talk to JOCK. that’s right the one name artist whose work is most recognizable on such books as  Detective Comics, 2000 AD,Hellblazer,The Losers and more.

They discuss the production design of the upcoming Dredd 3D film and what it was like doing a special limited-edition Batman The Dark Knight Rises poster for Comic Con. Simon also talks about what was supposed to have been the 2014 version of Dune. All this and find out a little bit about Jock’s graphic design style and what Marvel project you can see him on very soon as our coverage continues of San Diego Comic Con 2012

Simon Daoudi