SDCC 2012:DC Collectables

Published on July 20th, 2012


Like DC Comics and Toy’s? Good because this is the interview that you need to watch! Sheldon interviews Jim Fletcher  from DC Collectables who has been hard at work over at DC developing statues and toys for us to covet.

Yes, I said toys to! They are testing out a 3.75 inch line of Green Lantern figures to see if it takes and let me tell you from this comic fans perspective, it takes!!!They also show us some of the 6 inch line of Justice League figures (as well as Darkseid), Before Watchmen Statues, New 52 Busts as well new Ami – Comi statues! Start saving up because these are some great products heading our way over the next year! Stay tuned to Comic Impact for more coverage of the one and only San Diego Comic Con!!

Sheldon Lee