SDCC 2012:Before Watchmen

Published on July 18th, 2012


The event of the year is here or maybe the century! Before Watchmen from DC Comics.When we went down to San Diego Comic Con we were lucky enough to talk to three amazing creators behind this project. First we get to talk to Darwyn Cooke who’s currently writing the Minuteman and co-writing Silk Spectre with Amanda Conner. Darwyn tells us what we can expect from the Minutemen and he tells us how lucky he is that he’s working with Amanda Connor. Pus when we got done with Darwyn we got to talk with Amanda Conner and Len Wein.

Fun fact did you know Len Wein who’s currently writing Ozymandias was the original editor of Watchmen! Len tell us what can we expect from Ozymandias and what it is like going back and writing another pirate story. We’re just getting started here at Comic Impact with coverage so stay tuned for a lot more amazing creators and a lot of great stuff coming out of San Diego Comic Con 2012!

Simon Daoudi