Reviews: April 25th 2012

Published on May 2nd, 2012

Here at Comic Impact, each of our writers bring you two reviews each of comics ranging from the challenging to the essential! We keep it bite-size for you as well so you can browse whilst you prepare for the day ahead. So get the run down of what stood out to each of us here on the site this week.

Sheldon Lee:

The Savage Hawkman #8 – Tony S. Daniel, James Bonny, Philip Tan

The Savage Hawkman is a book that we don’t often bring up on the site that much and I feel it is a bit overlooked. It is easy to be caught up in all the Bat books and Super books and overlook this sometimes meh hero. I am here to tell you though if you have been missing Tony S. Daniels run on Savage Hawkman you are missing out! Not only has he delivered an interesting story but the art on the book by James Bonny is downright beautiful! In this issue we end out only more intrigue with the Ninth Metal and the bad guys are crawling out of the woodwork. This is not your typical hero but then again it is not your typical book and that is something I think we can all be thankful for!

Now lets see what Rob Liefeld does to an already fun book!


FF #17 – Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta

It should come as no surprise to any one who reads the site that I am a fan of Jonathan Hickman. He has such BIG ideas and often crafts stories that feel personal while still remaining fresh and different. FF #17 is a prime example of that work! Hickman along with artist Nick Dragotta who evokes a bit of Ditko in his portrayal of Peter Parker’s nerd/superhero personified give us a very Felix and Oscar situation with Peter and Johnny living together. This is a very light hearted and crazy tale of what feels like a few crazy days living with the duo. I don’t always enjoy the light heartedness in comic books as I usually appreciate the dark, deep brooding stuff but what is really so great is Hickaman’s ability to write both so easily. Lots of fun stuff in this issue and the panel that will be seared into your brain for eternity is a de powered Annihilus taking a grumper on the toilet at
the end! Just precious!

Matthew Todd:

Exile on the Planet of the Apes #2Corrinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman, Marc Laming

As Aleron and Tern continue to plot their revolution, disaster strikes and lives are lost. As betrayal and enemy forces loom Hardman and Bechko are crafting a compelling sci-fi political thriller that I absolutely love. Artist Marc Laming art is fantastic, clean and clear, wonderful visual story-telling. My favorite is the splash page of Tern in full ape battle armor. Colorist Darrin Moore also needs to be commended, his choice of palette is great accenting all the right notes of Laming’s work.

I’m a recent convert to The Planet of the Apes, having only just seen the original film mere weeks ago but since then I have become a big fan. BOOM! Studios have done a fantastic job with the property, particularly with Betrayal on the Planet of the Apes and it’s sequel Exile…


The Goon #39Eric Powell

Its strange…The Goon is a book I don’t read very often but whenever I do, I love it. I really have no idea or excuse as to why I don’t read it regularly. This month marks the book’s transition to a monthly shipping schedule and boy does it make a statement. The issue is a hilarious biting satire of the comic book industry and the events (tricks) they use…or resort to in order to boost sales. Its cover sums the issue up beautifully. It’s smart, witty and there is no shortage of truth. Powell’s artwork is as sharp as the writing, which is razor-sharp. If you love what DC has done with “The New 52,” or you hate it, pick this issue up either way it will make you laugh.

Simon Daoudi:

New Avengers #25 -Brian Michael Bendis, Mike Deodato and Will Conrad

Avengers Assemble! Oh wait, we don’t get that in this issue. What we get is Master Yu Ti having a dream that a young redhead will consume a flame which will destroy the world,  and at the same time he was searching for ‘a girl with crimson hair’ who ‘stands with the thunderer’ and becomes a ‘bird of destruction’.

This is great for fans of the Immortal Iron Fist history, and along with his appearances in the new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and this weeks Avengers cartoon. I have been on a big Iron Fist kick this week. So it was nice to find out that Iron Fist has dealt with the Phoenix Force before. Yet  the very end of the book makes wonder make what the rest of the story will be like for Danny Rand and Hope Summer in the rest of Marvel’s major crossover and tie-ins. I’m not sure if this will play into the main title but it seems like a big deal to me.

There are some of the things in this book which will be lost on you if you’re not a fan of Iron Fist. I am happy this book has taken a break from the Luke Cage and Jessica Jones soap opera because I was getting sick of that story-line.

Mike Deodato and Will Conrad done amazing job on art. This is Bendis at his best.


Aquaman #8 – Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis

I had not been a big Aquaman fan until the New 52. I know a lot people think Aquaman is a very blah character. But now I think that Geoff Johnsand Ivan Reis are giving this character new life.

The book opens with an intriguing flashback, making Aquaman x100 cooler in my books. This is where Ivan Reis shows us why he is one of the top artists in the industry as he introduces the rest of The Others and gives a younger Aquaman a back story.

A few things I love which Johns is doing to the character is he is giving Aquaman a different set of emotions to those we have seen before, and my favorite thing about this book is the persistent looming threat of Black Manta. Johns is doing something that is great in old school horror movies where we are not seeing a lot of Black Manta. We already saw him in action last issue. I have a feeling that when Aquaman faces Black Manta it will be an epic battle and I know in my heart that Johns and Reis are
the right creative team to bring this story to new fans like myself as well as the old-school fans.

Aquaman is a book that I have been very impressed with since the New 52 began.

Rob Andrews:

FF #17 – Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta

Want to take a break from drawn-out story-arcs and crossover events? Pick up this issue and be ready for a treat because this was feel good fun. It’s a single issue story called ‘The Roommate Experiment’ and that is all you pretty much need to know, I mean what’s the point in ruining a single issue story for you? Hickman shows us that aside from writing big, ground-breaking science fiction stories, he can condence his cosmic magic into a single issue and round it off nicely. The final page will have you laughing in astonishment! It’s written so well and the artwork by Dragotta is incredible, and as Sheldon pointed out on the latest POW podcast, it is reminiscent of Steve Ditko’s Spider-Man artwork.

Don’t let the bland front cover put you off. Just open it up and enjoy. It’s a cheap comic too so you won’t be out of pocket, especially if you download it online!


Star Wars: Blood Ties #1 – Tom Taylor, Chris Scalf

Anyone who regulary sets foot inside a comic store knows that Dark Horse are machines when it comes to publishing Star Wars comics, and you don’t have to read them to be aware of it. I thought this week I’d give one of their mini-series a try and so I picked up this issue. I’ve not read the previous Blood Ties series which is the prequel to this but I’m going to say that it might help to have done, so bare that in mind. That isn’t to say that the catch-up page at the back of the issue isn’t helpful, I’m suggesting it might be best to have read the previous comics.

This was an all-round good read. It was a little fast-paced but I think they’re going to put a lot into this mini-series. The artwork is solid and I think as far as digital artwork goes it can’t be argued with.

Oh – one thing I forgot to mention. Boba Fett is dead!

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