The Impact: April 7th -13th 2012

Published on April 13th, 2012

Hey Guys, How is everyone doing today? This was an interesting week that’s only getting more interesting as C2E2 takes place this weekend. On Wednesday the Avengers made it’s world debut and if the reactions on Twitter are any indication we are in for something really special guys, I can not wait. Also Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo let it slip that they were filming an additional scene on Thursday… a day  after the film premiered…curiouser and curiouser…Speaking of Avengers, Digital Spy just released this nerdtastic clip featuring Captain America and Thor…check it out.

spidermen_1_cover_02Marvel Finally Reveals Spider-Men.

Well it took them long enough to tell us what we already knew. In celebration of his 50th anniversary, this June, the original 616 Marvel Universe Peter Parker will make his way to the Ultimate Universe to meet Miles Morales. The series will be the first time the two universes have crossed over. Brian Michael Bendis will be writing with Sara Pichelli on art and Justin Ponsor rocking it out on colors. Bendis spoke with MTV Geek about why the time was right for the universe crossover,

“We’re very very excited about this, because for years people were like, ‘Ultimate Peter Parker should meet regular Peter Parker.’ And we thought about it…but there’s really no story there. Like, ‘hey, you’re vaguely younger than me and dating MJ too!…Miles gets to meet Peter…he never got to meet Peter. And even though it’s not the same Peter…it’s Peter! And they get to have this amazing bonding situation.”

You can check out the full interview HERE. I’m a huge fan of Miles Morales and personally, I am really excited for this. I think this will really help Miles grow as a hero and It will be great to see Peter see how even in another universe the Spider-Man is a symbol that inspires others to heroism even after he’s gone. Looking at the beautiful cover by Jim Cheung I’m certain this is were Miles will finally get his webshooters.

Marvel Teases C2E2 Announcements.

This week Marvel released two teasers of announcements they plan to make this weekend at C2E2. The first announcing the reuniting of Matt Fraction and David Aja in what appears to be a new Hawkeye series. While I’m always happy to see the two of them brought together Hawkeye wouldn’t be the book I would put at the top of my list. But I’m always happy to be surprised.


The second teaser is for a new Gambit series…no further details will be revealed until this weekend.So stay tuned.

Image Releases  The Walking Dead #100 Cover.


Check out this spoiler-filled cover to the one hundredth issue of The Walking Dead. Bleeding Cool reported that we will also be getting variants by Frank Quitely, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, Bryan Hitch, Sean Phillips and Ryan Ottley. Which I can not wait to see.

New Batman Digital Project Coming in June.

Courtesy of USA Today. Alright now this just sounds cool. Coinciding with the launch of their new Digital first series, Smallville Season 11 DC announced today that it will be launching two more Digital First titles. The first known only as Batman Digital, will feature Batman stories, that are out of continuity. The talent they have assembled for this book is pretty sick, including, Ben Templesmith, Nicola Scott, and Jeff Lemire alongside writers B. Clay Moore, Steve Niles, Joshua Hale Fialkov, and Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof. The other digital first series, debuting this May is Ame-Comi Girls, featuring Anime versions of DC’s female heroes the series will be weekly and written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. Wonder Woman art by Amanda Conner and Tony Akins, Batgirl art by Sanford Greene, Duela Dent art by Ted Naifeh, Power Girl art by Mike Bowden and Supergirl art by Santi Casas.”.


Oh my God DC you were listening to me. Palmiotti Gray and Conner on Wonder Woman… AMAZING!!! It’s exciting to see DC get a little more experimental and thinking out side of the box with these digital series. Something I wish they would do a little more with their main line of books.

DC Direct is Dead Resurrected as DC Collectibles.

dccollectibles2DC announced that it will be relaunching and re-branding all DC Direct products as DC Collectibles offering “online exclusive” collectibles including a Flashpoint boxset with the never before released Emperor Aquaman, a $500 Wayne Casino chip and two Green Lantern Busts.

“We’ve taken the past year or so to become laser focused on what makes the products in this line special, and what has emerged from that process is DC Collectibles,” Said DC Cheif-Creative-Officer Geoff Johns“We’re extremely proud of our line of unique, high-end collectibles, and feel that it caters to fans looking for limited edition, authentic products based on our characters and stories, created by the same artists who work directly on those characters and stories.”

Johns will be talking more about DC Collectibles this weekend at C2E2. If you are going you can check out the panel on Friday, April 13 at 2:30pm CT. (Are you starting to notice something about this installment of The Impact???)

New Hi-Res Catwoman Photo. Entertainment Weekly Debuts New Dark Knight Rises Photos.

This week gave us our best look at Anne Hathaway in her Catwoman costume to date. The Dark Knight Rises was also the cover story on this week’s issue of Entertainment Weekly. While we gleamed a few more tidbits of information, Nolan and his team were continue to keep theirs cards close to their chest. Which, while I’m desperate for every bit of information about the movie, I’m grateful that Nolan and company are trying to keep it a surprise.


I was talking to a friend earlier today and we realized once DKR hits theaters it will create a huge vacuum for  geeks and fandom in general. With Nolan’s Bat-Trilogy and Harry Potter’s conclusion what will be the next big thing??? DKR has dominated the media both mainstream and the geekosphere, whether it be true or speculative set photo or trailer the internet has devoured everything possible. Yes, we still have Avengers, and it’s respective characters will have their franchises but we will have already been introduced to those worlds. This is not a complaint just an honest inquiry.

Ben Kingsley In Talks for Iron Man 3

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Ben Kingsley is in talks to play a villain in Iron Man 3. THR also reports that the movie, which will be directed by Shane Black (Kiss,Kiss, Bang, Bang) will be based on Warren Ellis’ Extremis arc. Awesome!!!

Well there you go guys, next week will be way more exciting once we have heard all the announcements from C2E2. Until them have a great week and I will see you all next time for the latest installment of The Impact.

Matt Todd