The Impact: April 22nd – 28th 2012

Published on April 28th, 2012

Hey Everyone, Matt here, as another week comes to a close we start another all new, all exciting installment of The Impact. It’s another slow week but I get the feeling this is the calm before the storm. Next week we get The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises Trailer, another Amazing Spider-Man Trailer, and next Saturday is Free Comic Book Day!!! Woohoo!!!

Avengers Pre-Sells More Tickets Than All Previous Marvel Movies Combined!!!

As Avengers is opening internationally this week is reporting it has already pre-sold more tickets than all of the previous Marvel Studios films combined. Holy Cow!!!

  • Just over a week until the release of MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS,, the leading global provider of remote movie ticketing, is already showing tremendous domestic pre-sales of the highly anticipated film.
  • MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS is pre-selling more tickets for the upcoming release than the online ticketing company sold for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, THOR, IRON MAN 2, and IRON MAN combined at the same point in the sales cycle for each film.  In fact, pre-sales of MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS is over one and a half times that of these past Marvel films combined sales at the same point in the sales cycle.
  • MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS is selling 3,995% more tickets than CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER at the same point in the sales cycle.
  • MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS is selling 1,034% more tickets than THOR at the same point in the sales cycle.
  • MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS is selling 114% more tickets than IRON MAN 2 at the same point in the sales cycle.
  • MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS is selling 1,406% more tickets than IRON MAN at the same point in the sales cycle.
  • 56% of pre-sales for MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS are from fans wanting to see the film in 3D.
  • Nearly 37% of pre-sales for MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS are from moviegoers buying tickets to see the film in IMAX 3D.


They were also nice enough to release this brand new image of our favorite Avengers all assembled and ready for action. The countdown clock is ticking we are less than one week away and I can not wait. I’m catching the first Thursday night at midnight screening in Sherman Oaks, how about you, when are you going to see the movie?

Iron Man 3 Quick Hits
The Avengers is still a week away from its release date and Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel Studios is already ramping up the next Iron Man adventure. Production begins in 3 weeks and casting and new information continues to reveal itself. The lovely Jessica Chastain and amazingly talented Guy Pearce were just announced to be joining the cast. Chastain will be playing a “female scientist who is an intellectual equal to Tony Stark. Pearce will be playing Dr. Aldrich Killian.  Iron Man 3 will be hitting theaters May 3rd, 2013.

coulson2Kevin Conroy May have Unofficially Announced a Flashpoint animated movie.

This week THE VOICE OF BATMAN, Kevin Conroy was on Comic Book Club when he revealed that he had just done voice work for a new animated movie based on the Geoff Johns story that changed the entire DC Universe, Flashpoint. You can read the quote below.

Just last night, I recorded a new animated movie that features the Flash, it’s more about the Flash, but Batman is in it as well… It’s a Flash… Flash… Flashpoint. Flashpoint? I think it’s Flashpoint.

I had a lot of fun with Flashpoint and I’m thrilled they are FINALLY giving the Flash the spotlight in one of these animated films. Stay tuned for more information.

Agent Coulson and Samuel L. Jackson Move to the 616.

Well I had a feeling this would be happening. This week USA Today revealed that in Battle Scars #6 our favorite Agent of SHIELD is moving from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the main Marvel 616. He is joined by Nick Fury’s son, Marcus Johnson who looks suspiciously like Samuel L. Jackson. I get why this is happening but I do think it’s unnecessary.

Well that’s all for this week. Before we go I just wanted to take a moment to promote my first creator owned comic Mysteryman: All About Eve. You can read the announcement HERE on Comic Impact and you can always check out the book’s official website, I hope all take a moment to check it out.  Have a great week. I will see you all hear next Saturday for an all new and exciting installment of The Impact.

Matt Todd