POW:April 11th 2012 Scarlet Spider #4

Published on April 18th, 2012

Are you ready to feel the comic love for the week of April 11th Comic Impactians? Well grab your pants and hold on tight because Sheldon,Simon, and Rob are gonna throw you through a flaming hoop of fire doused in pure kerosene  to give you all what you want…..New This Week! Sheldon’s pick leaves Simon quivering and shaking when he picks Scarlet Spider #4!

You think it end there thought?No, no…this isn’t like any other podcast out there we came to party and break shit! While causing a ruckess the three lads from the People’s Republic of Comic Impact discuss Avenging Spider-Man,New Avengers,Secret,Glory, Fantastic Four, Winter Soldier,Thor and Secret Avengers! If you are still alive by the end of the show congrats! You just made it through P.O.W 259! If not our condolences….enjoy the after life….I hear Jack Kirby is drawing some new kick ass books in heaven.

Running Time:00:43:10
Music: 2Pac – California Love

Sheldon Lee


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