WonderCon 2012: Reed Gunther

Published on March 22nd, 2012


Did you listen to the “Pick of the Week” podcast for the week of March 14th 2012? Did  you heard Simon talk about his love for Reed Gunther by Shane and Chris Houghton from Image Comics.

The boys talk about the new story in Reed Gunther. Chris talks to us about his work on Adventure Time for KaBoom Comics and what it’s like doing cover for the hit tv show. Shane also busy working on Peanuts comic for KaBoom as well. If you a fan of Reed Gunther, you don’t to miss this interview.The boys tell us something really exciting about volume two of the Reed Gunther trade paperback involving moustaches and monsters. Enjoy the video and remember if you like fun, then pick up Reed Gunther digitally or at your comic shop book.

Simon Daoudi