Toy Fair 2012:Marvel Universe Figures

Published on February 11th, 2012

Our Toy Fair coverage continues with the Marvel Universe figures. 3.75-Inch Action Figure Assortment.The MARVEL UNIVERSE 3.75-Inch Action Figure line is where you can find exceptional articulation, poseability, and spot-on design across an astonishing range of MARVEL COMICS heroes and villains. This year’s lineup of great classic characters from the MARVEL COMICS universe features heroes and villains from various teams like THE AVENGERS, THE INHUMANS and ALPHA FLIGHT. Fans can update their collections with the latest and greatest from Hasbro! Each figure sold separately.




These figures will be Available Spring of 2012.  This is not the first time we have seeing these figures here at ComicImpact for more check out Sheldon’s interview with the man the legend  Mr.David Vonner back at San Diego Comic Con 2011 as we got our first look at some of these figures.

my favorite are Beta Ray Bill,Nova and Spider-Man as part of the F.F.I  also like the new Hulk figure a lot. Make sure to come back to for more Toy Fair 2012 coverage

Simon Daoudi