Collecting: Bucky Cap Marvel Legends Figure

Published on February 11th, 2012

We all love and miss Bucky Cap here at ComicImpact, some of us more then others. Like me, I have a Bucky Cap tattoo on my left buckycaparm. The other day we got news that Hasbro was going to add Bucky Cap as part of there wave 2 of the “Marvel Legends”. After I was done pinching myself to see if I was sleeping, I told myself maybe this true and not just some crazy internet rumor.

I know I can’t wait for this figure to come out.  Amazon has it for  pre-order and is going for $24.95 with a due date of March 31th 2012. Guess who just pre-ordered one of this bad boys? This guy did. I am still missing the Steve Rogers super soldier for the first wave of the new “Marvel Legends” action figures. I can’t wait to put him next the my other Bucky cap figures next my Captain America Omnibus.

Here is the official info on this figure:

When you get this heroic CAPTAIN AMERICA figure, you also get the right leg for his mighty and scary nemesis! Collect all 6 parts (other figures sold separately) and complete the evil mastermind’s body! Then send your CAPTAIN AMERICA and other figures (sold separately) into battle against him! The action is epic when you build your own ARNIM ZOLA figure! ARNIM ZOLA is a supervillain who constructed his own body so he could carry out his evil plans. Now you can build your own ARNIM ZOLA figure with the parts that come with these cool MARVEL LEGENDS figures!

Simon Daoudi