Interview: Adam Beechen and J.T. Krul

Published on February 6th, 2012

Sometimes, us comic book peeps get so obsessed with collecting our floppies that we forget that some of the best stuff is found digitally. We, at ComicImpact, have not forgotten this. In fact, we embrace it! We embrace it so much that we had two of the most awesome DC writers, Adam Beechen and J.T. Krul, talk to us about their new digital titles.

It doesn’t stop there, we get them to talk about their sports fandom and fake rivalry between them. Though, they may have inadvertently started a Susan vs. Simon rivalry of their own! So, on a boring day of no-more-football-until-next-season, put in some headphones, slack off at work, and listen to the ComicImpact Versus Podcast!

Susan Damon

Running Time:01:05:35
Music: The Fight Song -Marilyn Manson


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