Collecting: The Amazing Spider-Man Resin Bust

Published on February 10th, 2012

Did you enjoy The Amazing Spider-Man trailer the other day? Well, then you may want save up your money from these Resin Busts for the good people over at Gentle Giant.

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Vigilante Spider-Man Resin Bust

These busts are designed and sculpted by Gentle Giant. Before he became Spider-Man, Peter Parker fought crime on the streets of New York in a cobbled-together prototype of his Spidey-suit. The ski mask and sunglasses didn’t last long before they were replaced with his famous webbed mask, but DST has captured that look in this bust based on the new movie, The Amazing Spider-Man!

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Spider-Man Resin Bust

Again, this is designed and Sculpted by Gentle Giant. The new Spider-Man movie springs to 3-D life with this new resin bust from Diamond Select! Featuring Spidey in his new duds from The Amazing Spider-Man atop a stylized base.

Will these resin busts be part of your collection?


Simon Daoudi