POW:January 4th 2012 Foster #1

Published on January 11th, 2012

Hello and welcome to the first Pick of the Week Podcast of 2012! Susan had the pick, and the boys weren’t too happy with her selection. They accused her of being charmed by the debonaire stylings of Brian Buccellato. The first pick of 2012 was Foster #1. Let’s face it. It’s independent and horror, so Susan’s kryptonite. Not to mention, Mr. Buccellato’s smile (perhaps she’ll leave Scott Snyder alone for a few weeks). Anyway, beyond that, Sheldon geeked out over the latest from his favorite, Ed Brubaker, Fatale #1. Simon got an Apes fix. We all love Animal Man and Swamp Thing, but we each have our preference. Throw in some of Sheldon’s Marvel fandom and Susan’s proclivity towards female leads, and you have found yourself listening to the Pick of the Week! Happy 2012 Comic Impact!

Running Time: 01:05:15
Music: Party Rock Song 2 – Best of Bootie 2011

Susan Damon


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