The Impact:December 3rd-10th 2011

Published on December 9th, 2011

Hey Comic Impact, Matt here to tell you all the latest news making its way around the comic blogosphere in this week’s installment of The Impact.

Marvel Announces Avengers vs. X-Men

R.I.P Jerry Robinson 1922-2011

jerry-robinsonJerry Robinson passed away this week at the age of 89. Robinson helped co-create Robin, the Boy Wonder and is credited as the creator of Batman’s arch nemesis, the Clown Prince of Crime,  The Joker.  In his career he created some of Batman’s most iconic covers. He served as President of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC) and the National Cartoonists Society (NCS). Robinson was also a renowned  comic book  historian and creator’s rights advocate. All of us at Comic Impact want to extend our condolences to the Robinson Family.

Bendis to Depart Avengers in 2012.

Courtesy of CBR. In an interview where he discussed his 2012 plans for the Avengers. Writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed that he will be leaving the book in the upcoming year.

“I’m going to wrap up ‘Avengers‘ and ‘New Avengers.’ At the same time the first storyline of ‘Avengers Assemble’ will be done,” Bendis told CBR. “It’s a good time to move on to other things. Before I go, though, I’m ending things big. I’m in countdown mode. You know when you’re watching a show like ‘Breaking Bad,’ and every episode feels like the second to last episode? That’s where I’m at. I’ve been on the Avengers longer than anybody in the history of the book. When you take everything into account, I’ve written over 200 issues. I’m very, very proud of that, and what we have coming up this summer gives me the opportunity to go out on a high note. I know enough about showbiz to know that’s a great time to go.”


I think this a great move for Bendis, love his run or hate it, I’m excited to see Bendis move on to new things. He has told more stories with the Avengers than any other writer in the books history. I know what a Bendis Avengers story looks like now I want to see something new from him.

First Look at the Captain Cold Redesign.

Courtesy of The Source. Here is our first look at the redesign for Captain Cold. Cold a.k.a Leonard Snart along with the rest of the Flash’s Rouges will be making their debut in Flash #7.


DC’s “New 52” Shuffle Creators.

Courtesy of Bleeding Cool. There were a lot of creative team  changes announced this week for DC’s “New 52.”JT Krul and James Robinson will be contributing two stand alone stories for the seventh issue of Men of War. No confirmation if this is the permanent team. This follows the earlier announcements that Paul Jenkins is taking over Stormwatch from Paul Cornell and Tom Defalco taking over Legion Lost from Fabian Nicieza.

Patty Jenkins Departs Thor 2.

Courtesy of Deadline. News broke earlier this week that Patty Jenkins has departed Thor 2 over “creative differences.” That said it was apparently an amicable split with Jenkins still being considered for other projects. Marvel Studios is trying to fill the position as quickly as possible to meet it’s release date. Thor 2 opens November 15th 2013.

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Well that is all the news that is fit to print. Thanks for checking out this week’s installment of The Impact. Take care guys.

Matt Todd