POW:December 7th 2011 Huntress #3

Published on December 14th, 2011

Hello Comic Impact! Have I mentioned that I love your smile? I do. Anyway, we’re back for another episode of the “Pick of the Week” podcast. Sheldon still does not know which episode we are on. Simon loves himself some Planet of the Apes. And me? Well, I (Susan) had the pick. While the boys did not agree, I went with Huntress #3. I convinced them by telling them which women of the DC Universe I would date. Seemed to work just fine! Simon and I agree that Sheldon hates fun after refusing to fall in love with Reed Gunther #6. Sheldon just went on and on about Marvel books (big shock there). Basically, we actually used this podcast to talk about comics! Hooray! Take a listen. We are kind of amazing, as are the books we talk about.

Running Time: 01:29:35
Music: I Love You Smile  – Shanice

Susan Damon


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