LBCC 2011: Jimmy Palmiotti

Published on November 4th, 2011


So here it is kids the last Long Beach Comic Con 2011 Interview. Join us as we talk with Jimmy Palmiotti about All-Star Western and what’s in store for Jonah Hex in the upcoming issues.

Find out if Jimmy and Justin Gray are thinking about the digital format when they are working on a issue.We also get some information about a new up coming character in All-Star Western who is from San Francisco so watch out west coast!

Find out also what it was like having Jeff Lemire work on one of the last issues of Jonah Hex. All this and Jimmy talks to us about Captain Brooklyn from Image Comics. Look for it in 2012! Also find out why this a super-hero book like you have never seen before and how  Amanda Conner’s artwork is making an impact on this book.

Simon Daoudi