Interview:Rick Remender

Published on November 17th, 2011

Hey everybody, If you love comics like we do, and you better because your at a comic book web site, then you will LOVE the show we have for you! We get a chance to talk to SUPER STAR writer Rick Remender! You know him, you love him from his writing Uncanny X- Force, Venom, Fear Agent, and now Secret Avengers this man just does not stop bringing us BIG ideas and we love him for that.

Join Sheldon, Simon, Rick oh and a very special guest, artist Jerome Opeña, as they talk about wrapping up Fear Agent and whats to come for Uncanny X-Force and his upcoming gig on Secret Avengers with Gabriel Hardman. All this and so much more with one of the most talented writers in comics today Rick Remender! DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW!!!

Running Time: 01:19:54
Music: Strung up from the sky- Pelican

Sheldon Lee


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