The Impact: October 10th-15th 2011

Published on October 14th, 2011

Hey everyone! Matt here, to give you all the news making its way around the comic blogosphere. Sit back, relax and enjoy the latest installment of The Impact

dc_comics_logo1DC Comics Sells  5 MILLION COMICS  in Six Weeks. New Digital Combo Pack
This week we learned that in the six weeks since DC Relaunch began they have sold over five million comics.Seriously the numbers are fantastic, Justice League over 250,000 copies, Action Comics, Batman,  both over 200,000 copies, The Flash 150,000 copies, Aquaman, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman all over 100,ooo, it’s crazy.

To say that DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson is pleased is an understatement,”We are thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive response from retailers, fans and the creative community to DC Comics — The New 52.”

DC Announcements From New York Comic Con Retailers Summit. Action and Batman get Digital Combo Packs.
Courtesy of Bleeding Cool. At the retailer summit kicking off New York Comic Con. DC announced that they will be making the digital combo packs available for Action Comics and Batman.  This will be initiated starting with issue five of both series.

DC Extends Returnability Program Through April 2012.
When DC announced the “New 52” it made most books returnable for a small fee. This allowed comic retailers to order more with less risk, and it apparently worked. On Thursday it was announced that Diamond Distributors and DC will be extend the program through April 2012 for retailers that maintain their order levels for the third issues of the relaunch. Granted the number of titles that are returnable is dwindling but this will still help retailers out.

DC Announces New Writers For Green Arrow and Static Shock.
Courtesy of iFanboy. This week it was announced that Ann Nocenti will be taking over Green Arrow from Keith Giffen and Dan Jurgens. This comes just weeks after Giffen and Jurgens were announced as the creative team following JT Krul’s departure. Nocenti is most well known for her highly acclaimed run on Daredevil. Her time with Oliver Queen begins with Green Arrow issue seven. Now I am going to have to check out Green Arrow again.


Courtesy of The Source. New York writer Marc Bernardin is the new writer for Static Shock. Bernardin was a writer on The Authority, Entertainment Weekly, and is currently writing on Syfy Channels Alphas. Bernardin say he wants to really focus on Static’s true identity Virgil Hawkins.

“The thing that excites me, as both a writer and a reader, about STATIC SHOCK is that it features a hero that we don’t really know yet — at least, in comics, anyway. (Fans of the Static Shock TV show will kindly forgive me.) Virgil Hawkins is young, still figuring out the full extent of his powers, and navigating the full range of teenage tragedies: Being the new kid in a new school, asking out the pretty girl, finding time for his homework, etc. And he’s one of the few young heroes without a built-in father figure: He’s not an offshoot of Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, or the Martian Manhunter. He’s his own man, for better or for worse. And all of that offers a lot of grist for the writer-y mill. And I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t feel a humbling sense of responsibility to get this one right. The late Dwayne McDuffie still stands as a titan in this industry – and while I’m not so presumptuous as to think I can write Static as well as he did, I’m hoping I can write a Static he’d get a chuckle out of.”

jimleeamazonfire09Has Gail Simone Quit Fury of Firestorm???
Courtesy of Bleeding Cool. Apparently Gail Simone has quit Fury of Firestorm.This has in no way been confirmed but when it comes to stuff like this, Rich Johnston is right more often than not. Stay tuned as I will keep you up to date as we learn more

Books-A-Million Pulls DC Graphic Novels Following Kindle Fire Exclusivity.
Courtesy of Comics Alliance. Last week I wrote about Barnes and Noble pulling DC graphic novels from their shelves in response to DC making many of their graphic novels exclusive to Amazon’s  tablet, the Kindle Fire. This week Books-A-Million and their 210 retail locations also followed suit. In a statement released toPublisher’s Weekly Books-A-Million CEO  Terrence Finley said this,

“due to DC Comics plan to sell the digital format of their top 100 graphic novels exclusively through Amazon’s Kindle Fire, BAM Stores are currently removing physical copies of these titles from our shelves.” Finley said that supporting any publisher that “selectively limits distribution of their content,” is not in the interest of BAM customers. “We will not promote titles in our stores showrooms if publishers choose to pursue these exclusive arrangements that create an uneven playing field in the marketplace.”

Now things are getting interesting. This is a second book retailer chain not displaying DC Comics books. Now granted this is a chain has a deal to sell Barnes and Noble’s Nook but none-the-less 210 stores is nothing to take lightly. It will be very interesting to see how DC will respond.

Brubaker and Phillips Bring Fatale to Image.
Courtesy of CBR. Today at New York Comic Con, the Criminal and Incognito creative team of Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips unveiled their latest collaboration for Image Comics, Fatale. The series sounds like they are really combining crime and horror and it sounds great. Here is a  Brubaker describing the series.


“In a weird way, this is a lot of what we’ve been building towards. It gets to the heart of the idea of the femme fatale as an archetype. The story involves all these characters that spin around a woman who may or may not be the living incarnation of the femme fatale. Parts of the story are told from her point of view. One of the things I thought would be interesting was to do a story about somebody who has this curse. The femme fatale is always such a plot device in stories more than a character. I wanted to make a sympathetic character out of that archetype, and then there’s a whole story that grew around it about a guy in modern times who finds an ancient secret and gets hunted by people for it. I wouldn’t say it’s like a Vertigo comic because this is Sean and I doing our thing, but in a lot of ways I looked at what Neil Gaiman did successfully or what Stephen King does successfully and tried to see if we could take what Sean and I do successfully and marry pieces of that kind of world to it. There’s an otherness to the series.”


Well needless to say I am excited this is a creative team that has continue to get better and better as they experiment with the medium and their craft. I will most definitely be picking it up when it launches in January 2012.


Batman: Arkham City Launch Trailer.
Get ready to nerd out Bat-Fans. We are less than a week away from the release of Batman: Arkham City and the nice guys at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment are giving us one last sneak peek. Just when I thought I could not want this game more they go and show me this. Batman: Arkham City hits stores  October 18th.

Patty Jenkins Confirmed for Thor 2. New Release Date.

Courtesy of SuperHeroHype. On Thursday Marvel Studios confirmed that Patty Jenkins will direct Thor 2. It was also announced that there would be a release date shift, previously the film was supposed to be in theaters on July 26th 2013 now it will be released November 15th 2013 just in time for Thanksgiving.
First Look at Figures from The Avengers.
Courtesy of ComicBookMovie.Now that we have all had a chance to absorb all of the awesomeness of  The Avengers trailer let us now turn to the merchandising. Making their debut at New York Comic Con here is our first look at the 3 and 6 inch versions. This is our best looks at the latest rendition of the Hulk. Personally I really like the six inch figures and I really like the Hawkeye figure.

First Look at Diamond Select’s Amazing Spider-Man Action

USA Today has given us our first look at the Diamond Select Amazing Spider-Man action figure. Standing 7 inches tall with over 16 points of articulation, the figure is making it’s debut at New York Comic Con and will be available for purchase in the spring.

Well, there you go folks, that is all the news that’s fit to print. Hope everyone has a great weekend and stay tuned to ComicImpact as we bring you all the latest and greatest comic news.

Matt Todd