The Impact: New York Comic Con Edition

Published on October 18th, 2011

Hey there Comic Impact, Matt here with a special installment of The Impact. Today, I am going to talk about all the fun that broke out of New York Comic Con. No I was not there in person, unfortunately I merely got to experience through all the great reporting that came from the blogosphere. There were some really exciting  projects and announcements made throughout the weekend. This is far from everything but this Here is my take on some of the cooler stuff coming out of the Big Apple.This  is far from all of the news that broke but this is by far my favorite.

Green Lantern Quick Hits

greenlanternallaccessCourtesy of CBR and Comics Alliance. Some of the cool new to come out during the All Access: Green Lantern Panel included:

-The second arc in Green Lantern will be “The Secret of the Indigo Tribe,” where we will finally learn their origins and true motivations.

-When a fan asked Geoff Johns his real opinion of the Green Lantern movie Johns responded, “I continue to root for it, I hope to get the character another film, and it will be live action, I guarantee it,”

– Johns also confirmed that there will be an upcoming event crossing over the Lantern books.

– Before leaving Johns announced that there is an Robot Chicken DC Comics special in the works.

– It looks like Sinestro is not getting rid of his GL ring anytime soon and that is fine with me I have been enjoying the new status quo. I am not sure how I feel about them attempting a Lantern based event so close to the start of the relaunch.

– Last but not least check out the opening two minutes from the Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Courtesy of Heat Vision.

Justice League: Doom Trailer.

Courtesy of IGN.  Here is the first trailer for the animated feature Justice League: Doom. Featuring an A+ cast of voices I originally gave my thoughts on the project here. Check it out.

The Curse of Shazam by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank to be featured back up story in Justice League. Batman: Earth One confirmed for summer 2012.

Courtesy of The Source. Well to all you Captain Marvel fans out there wondering if the Big Red Cheese had a place in the “New 52” the answer is yes. While very few details were released it was announced that Geoff Johns and Gary Frank will be collaborating on The Curse of Shazam which will serve as a back up adventure in upcoming issues of Justice League. Here is DC’s best chance to give the character the spotlight.  I really hope that Johns and Frank can finally be the ones to crack the nut that is Captain Marvel. While there have been some good stories with the character (Jeff Smith’s Shazam: The Monster Society of Evil in particular) no one has really been able to maximize the character’s potential. DC also confirmed what we learned a month ago from Amazon, Batman: Earth One will be out early this coming summer. This is a book I have been clamoring for since it was first announced I can’t wait.

Superman: Earth One Vol 2. Cover.


Speaking of Earth One… at the Superman: All Access Panel, Earth One artist Shane Davis  showed off the cover to the second volume. He also revealed that the villain will be a new Parasite and that he and writer J. Michael Straczynski hope to explore

Vertigo Goes Digital Day and Date. New Paul Cornell series Saucer Country.


Courtesy of Vertigo’s official blog,  Graphic Content. At the Vertigo panel it was announced that many of Vertigo’s monthly books will be going digital day and date. I was surprised to see Jason Aaron’s Scalped. I wonder if it’s because the series is so close to it’s conclusion. Hmm…. Anyway here is the breakdown of when each book will be available.

  • · SWEET TOOTH starting with issue #26 available now
  • · SPACEMAN the new mini-series by Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso will launch with issue #1 on sale Oct. 26. This exciting new series featuring award-winning talent will be available for a special price of $.99 – a first for digital pricing that makes this series a “can’t miss” event.
  • · THE UNWRITTEN beginning with #31 on sale Nov. 9
  • · iZOMBIE beginning with issue #19 on sale Nov. 16
  • · THE UNWRITTEN .5 issues beginning with #31.5 on sale Nov. 23
  • · FABLES beginning with the special holiday issue #112 on sale Dec. 21
  • · AMERICAN VAMPIRE beginning with issue #22 on sale Dec. 28
  • · HELLBLAZER beginning with issue #287 on sale Jan. 18


Also announced at the Vertigo Panel was a new series from Paul  Cornell and Ryan Kelly. Saucer Country will take off this February. Here is the official synopsis,

When the Latina governor of New Mexico is abducted by aliens in the midst of her campaign for President of the United States, she learns that the people of Earth are in imminent danger of invasion. But proving that what she’s seen is true will be next to impossible in a world where “mainstream media” has a major agenda and every politician wants their fifteen minutes of fame.

With the help of her dedicated staff and a rag-tag collection of UFO “experts”, she’ll do what’s necessary to save the human race — which will mean digging deep into the American mythology of alien abduction, UFO sightings, shadow government agencies and conspiracy theory. But first she’s got to convince the world she’s not crazy…

This could be a lot of fun and I am really happy to see Cornell do a creator owned series.

Insert Obvious Phoenix Returns Pun Headline.

This weekend Marvel released another “It’s Coming” teaser  which only slightly elaborated on the last. But it is becoming very apparent that the Phoenix is returning to the Marvel Universe. The presently unnamed project looks to be massive considering it will come from ALL of their Architects, Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, and Jonathan Hickman. Those artists Olivier Copiel, Adam Kubert and John Romita Jr. don’t sound too shabby either. Note that the teaser says it and not she so this does not necessarily mean the Phoenix will be Jean Grey. I’m not sure I need the Phoenix to return but it looks like Marvel is putting their top men on the project.


Loeb and Bianchi Resurrect Sabertooth.

Going for the resurrection hat trick Marvel announced that sometime in 2012 Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi will return Victor Creed to the world of the living. It was this same creative team that decapitated Logan’s nemesis back in 2003. Stay tuned for more details.

The Scarlet Spider Returns.

Courtesy of CBR. This January Marvel will launch an all new ongoing series, Scarlet Spider. Coming out of Spider-Island the new series will be written by Christopher Yost  with art by Ryan Stegman. Yost said the series starts with our hero on the run in Houston, Texas with the thesis questions of the series being,“can you be a hero when the whole world is against you?”

I for one am very excited for this. Growing up in the 90’s the Scarlet Spider was what got me reading Spider-Man. I’m thinking that (SPOILERS: Since Kaine has been cured of being a Man-Spider he maybe the one who takes up the mantle of the Scarlet Spider, a man he hated more than anything. SPOILERS END) I think that is really full of a lot of rich story telling possibilities. Again that is just my theory and either way right or wrong I am going to be checking this series out



Spider-Man and Daredevil Crossover planned for  January.

Courtesy of CBR. Also spinning out of the Amazing Spider-Man Panel was the news that coming this January, Spider-Man and  Daredevil are teaming up. The two part story will take place in Amazing Spider-Man #677 and Daredevil #8 and will be written by Mark Waid with art by Emma Rios and Kano. It will also feature the return of the Black Cat to the Spider-Verse. Mark Waid Emma Rios on a story featuring Spider-Man and Daredevil… Sold!!!

Amazing Spider-Man Panel Quick Hits.

-Michael Lark is set to illustrate an issue of the Punisher. Anything featuring a reunion of one of Gotham Central’s creative teams is a okay in my book.

-Writer Dan Slott teased the return of the Sinister Six and that t issue #676  will be just about the Six, Spider-Man will not appear at all.

-With the Lizard being the villain in The Amazing Spider-Man movie, expect him to appear in the comic in early 2012.

Ultimate Comics Reborn Panel Quick Hits:

First up check out this gorgeous cover to Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #6. Nothing really to add this is just a great looking cover.

-Fans will see Miles don his first Spider-Man costume next month in issue #4.

Avengers News Assemble.

Marvel announces Avengers Assemble from Mark Bagley and Brian Michael Bendis.

Launching in March this new series from the Ultimate Spider-Man creative team will focus on the characters and team dynamic featured in the Avengers movie.  While clearly a tie-in to the movie the series will be set in regular Marvel continuity. This book is in no way a surprise, but I can not pass up a Bendis and Bagley collaboration. I am also really glad to see that they are not necessarily holding new readers hands by placing it in continuity.


Storm is joining the Avengers.

Starting with Avengers #19 Ororo Monroe aka Storm is joining Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.The issue by Brian Michael Bendis and Daniel Acuna hits stores in January. What do you guys think about that?

Rick Remender and Gabriel Hardman on Secret Avengers!!! SSSHHHHHH.


After Warren Ellis concludes his excellent run on Secret Avengers the baton will be passed to Uncanny X-Force and Venom writer Rick Remender and artist Gabriel Hardman. The team will also see some new additions to their line up including Venom, Hawkeye, The Human Torch,  and Captain Britain. This is a fantastic choice Remender has done a great job with the covert X-Squad in Uncanny X-Force I can not wait to see what he does here. Hardman’s art is top notch and I am glad to see he is getting the bump up to a more prominent book.  Speaking of Rick Remender and Uncanny X-Force….

Age of Apocalypse to Return in Uncanny X-Force.

Spinning out of the “Dark Angel Saga” we will see a return of the alternate X-Dystopian timeline in a story written by David Lapham which we will see in the Point One, one shot coming out in November.

Marvel Comics brings in Dexter Jeff Lindsay to Pen Original Dexter Comic.

Courtesy of  The Beat. At Saturday’s Cup ‘O Joe Panel Joe Quesada announced that novelist and Dexter creator Jeff Lindsay will be penning an original Dexter comic book series. Set in the novel’s continuity the series will launch this March. As a huge fan of the TV show all I can say is sign me up.


Well there you go guys. New York Comic Con 2011 sounded like it was a real blast. I hope to be there in person sooner rather than later. What story or announcement got you most excited?

Matt Todd