Review: Chew #21

Published on October 5th, 2011

One of my favorite comics is Chew. You may have heard us talking about it here at Comic Impact; after all, it has been the pick of the week four times. We talked to both John Layman and Rob Guillory this year at Comic-Con, when they won the Eisner Award for “Best Continuing Series,” and last year when they won the Eisner for “Best New Series.” Now Chew is about to start its new story arc, called Major League. Find out what I think of this first part of a five-issue story.


First off: WOW, Guillory’s artwork just keeps getting better every issue. I personally owned a page from issue 19, and he’s getting better – the man is amazing. In Chew #21, there is a new status quo, as we find out that Tony has been fired from the FDA along with his partner. What Layman does brilliantly is to show us the motions that Tony’s boss goes through before firing him; it seems like it’s the happiest day of his life.

Now that Tony has been fired from the FDA, he is reassigned as a parking agent. Now life can’t get worse for Tony, right? It does, as his new boss is part of the official Tony Chu fan club and he is obsessed in some weird way with Tony joining the team. Total opposite of his previous boss – I think he is the number-one fanboy when it comes to Tony. He even calls him Anthony. Kind of creepy, right?

After what looks like one of the worst days in Tony’s life, as he is made fun of because of his new uniform, Tony has a few surprises coming his way. Am I going to tell you what the surprises are? Of course not – the whole point of this review is for you to go pick up this book and the Chew trade paperbacks (1-4). So you can start reading Chew, because if you’re missing out on Chew, you’re missing out on one of the best comics published. So get to it! Start reading the Eisner Award winner for “Best Continuing Series.” Because everyone enjoys fun in their lives, and that’s what Chew is – fun.

Simon Daoudi