The Impact:September 25th-October 1st 2011

Published on September 30th, 2011

Hey everyone! Matt here, to give you all the news making its way around the comic blogosphere in this installment of The Impact.

Marvel lays the Ground Work for 2012 With Point One.

This week Marvel has been releasing a series of teasers promoting their Point One one-shot. Each teaser highlights a creative team that is contributing to the sixty-four page anthology that will establish a lot of the upcoming story lines for 2012. While far from a new strategy I do like this idea of people getting a chance to sample a bunch of story lines all at once. Personally I’m really excited to see the Scarlet Spider come back and if it turns out he is Ben Reilly I will be even happier. I am not ashamed I started reading Spider-Man in the 90’s.  Check out the solicitation information below.




POINT ONE #1 (SEP110496)
FOC – 10/17/11, ON SALE – 11/2/11

Wolverine Headmaster???


In last week’s issue of X-Men: Schism we saw Wolverine and Cyclops come to blows, the resentment between the two of them was laid bare. Now we see in Marvel’s latest promotional teasers for Wolverine and the X-Men that Wolverine will be stepping up and finally be a public leader of mutants in his new school the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning. This could be a very interesting role for Logan, who can no longer hide in the shadows and be the loner bad-ass, now he has lead. I trust Jason Aaron will make this a really  great story and the Chris Bachalo art looks great. We will find out more this October when Wolverine and the X-Men #1 hits stores.

DC’s The New 52 Sell Out

Courtesy of The Source. That’s right folks, each and every one of DC Comics’ “New 52” have sold out at the distributor level… and that includes the ones that have not even been released yet. Today DC confirmed the news that all fifty-two will receive second printings and elaborated on the impressive numbers.

  • ACTION and BATGIRL already have third printings and JUSTICE LEAGUE, the bestselling comic book to date for all of 2011, is in its fourth printing.
  • AQUAMAN #1 is the eleventh title in DC Comics-The New 52 with sales of more than 100,000. The series joins the sales ranks of the previously announced titles ACTION COMICS, BATGIRL, BATMAN, BATMAN AND ROBIN, BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT, DETECTIVE COMICS, THE FLASH, GREEN LANTERN, JUSTICE LEAGUE and SUPERMAN.
  • BATMAN # 1 joins JUSTICE LEAGUE # 1 and ACTION COMICS # 1 as the third title with sales exceeding 200,000 copies.

This poses some tough questions for retailers in regard to how many copies of they need to order of the second issue and beyond. I’m also curious if and when DC will release it’s digital download stats and how they will affect the numbers.

Needless to say, this is great news and I wish a very sincere congratulations to DC Comics. This has brought new reader and lapsed readers into comic shops and no matter what, that is a great thing. The enthusiasm has got people to not only try the more well known characters featuring Batman and Superman but it also gave some well due attention to lesser known books like Animal Man,  Aquaman, Batgirl, Batwoman, I, Vampire, and All-Star Western. At least for this month you can not argue DC’s success. That said, DC has our attention now they have to keep putting out great comics to keep it.

George Perez Off Superman With Issue #7

Breaking News!!! Courtesy of Newsarama. George Perez is off writing duties for Superman. As of issue seven the new creative team for the book will be Keith Giffen writing and Dan Jurgens on pencils. Sources are saying that Perez will most likely stay on to do finishes for Jurgens pencils. This is the second title Keith Giffen has stepped in to write after the initial writer has left the book, the first being Green Arrow. I have a feeling that Giffen and Jurgens are only a stop gap measure until they can find someone more permanent.


Chances are this will not happen but, if I was DC Comics, I would immediately offer the book to Mark Waid. He has a great handle on the character and wears his love for Superman on his sleeve, so much so it’s practically a cape. He is not exclusive to any company and he is in the zone with his amazing Daredevil run. It’s an easy choice DC make it happen.

CBLDF Will Profit from Comics Code Authority

ccalogoteeblackCourtesy of CBLDF.  In a pleasant twist of fate this week the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund announced that it has acquired the intellectual property rights to the Comics Code Authority Seal. The CBLDF will use the rights to license products bearing the seal so that they can raise funds for the organization’s First Amendment legal work.  In the press release, CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein was quoted,

“It’s a progressive change that the Comics Code seal, which is yesterday’s symbol of comics censorship, will now be used to raise money to protect the First Amendment challenges comics face in the future. That goal probably would have been unimaginable to the Code’s founders, who were part of a generation of comics professionals that were fleeing a witch-hunt that nearly trampled comics and any notion that they deserved any First Amendment protection.”

You can check out Graphitti Designs Comics Code Authority Seal t-shirts at their official site.

Wanted 2 Script is Moving Forward.

Wanted screenwriter Derek Haas tweeted that he and his writing partner Michael Brandt had been hired to write Wanted 2 for Universal Pictures. In an interview with The Wrap Haas elaborated stating that the film is ,”going to take off after the events of what just happened.” “Pick up Wesley a few years later and go back in for another round.” He also added that the film will not feature Angelina Jolie’s character, Fox or the Loom which”picked” the people Wesley assassinated.


Anne Hathaway Full Catwoman Costume Revealed.

Courtesy of JustJared and Celebrity-Gossip.Net. While filming of The Dark Knight Rises is currently taking place in Los Angeles, paparazzi snapped these photos of Anne Hathaway, Christian Bale, and Gary Oldman in their respective costumes. We finally see that underneath her goggles Catwoman is wearing a mask and cat ears. Personally I think it looks fine. I like Anne Hathaway, she is a great actress and I trust that her and Chris Nolan will bring us a very cool interpretation of Selina Kyle.  The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20th, 2012.



Well there you folks that is all the news that’s fit to print. Hope everyone has a great weekend and stay tuned to Comic Impact as we bring you all the latest and greatest comic news.

Matt Todd