Review: Wonder Woman #1

Published on September 27th, 2011

I want this review to only say one thing: Wonder Woman #1 is brilliant. That’s it. Unfortunately for all of you, I am much longer winded than that. I really should have known that Brian Azzarello would knock this one out of the park (because he always does). I can gush and gush about how he seems to just understand these classic characters and how he manages to evolve them while maintaining their origins and purpose. Maybe I will do just that.


Have you all read The Joker? How about Luthor? NO!? Pick them up. I feel like they demonstrate exactly what I am talking about and what I hope for in this new Wonder Woman series. Mr. Azzarello has a knack for understanding exactly what makes all these classic characters tick. Because of this ability, he is able to take all of them out of their comfort zones, while keeping their values, integrity, and what makes them tick. It is my absolute favorite thing about him as a writer. He keeps the characters in their simplest forms. In doing this, he is able to put them in extreme situations and take the readers with him. I like that. As a reader, it makes my experience more interesting. I am able to see a character that I have loved for years and years react to a brand new situation. This is exactly what he does in Wonder Woman #1. Diana is still my Diana, but she has become a protector, or guardian, of a woman who may be an important player in an unknown future. I love it.

I really don’t want to do a summary of the story, because I don’t want to give anything away. If that last paragraph didn’t convince you to go out and read that book, then I’m not sure what to tell you. Ooh! I can tell you about the art of Cliff Chiang. I was a little iffy on it based on the cover (of which I am not a fan), but I have to say that it is really pretty on the inside. That’s all the more reason to pick up this book. I’m talking about classic Wonder Woman with an amazing story and gorgeous art. Now there is nothing else keeping you from going to get this book right now.

I’m just thrilled that the “New 52” got their “Big 3” right. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are the staples of the DC Universe. They are the most recognizable characters DC has. I can’t say much for what’s going on with some of their other characters, but we have our core. Perhaps the other teams need to take their cues from Brian Azzarello, Scott Snyder, and Grant Morrison – actually, maybe the world should take cues from them. I, for one, bow down to their greatness and will definitely be continuing to read their titles.

Susan Damon