DC Comics The New 52 Podcast:Week 2

Published on September 22nd, 2011

Hold onto your butts as we guide you through the second wave of DC Comics ‘NEW 52’ releases. Last week DC presented us with some fantastic and not-so-fantastic new comics, so why not get the low down on these most recent titles to hit  shelves and hear whether we think they can hold their own in the big, bad world of comics. Expect some clash of opinions in this podcast! If you’ve been having second thoughts about a DC Comic you regret not buying last week, then let us aid you in your decision making. This podcast also reintroduces Comic Impact writer Rob back onto the scene. So join Simon, Sheldon and Rob as they break down all of DC’s latest ‘NEW 52’ releases. They’ve got all the comics covered, which are as follows Grifter #1, Superboy #1, Suicide Squad #1, Frankenstein Agent Of Shade #1, Resurrection Man #1, Deathstroke #1, Demon Knights #1, Batman and Robin #1, Green Lantern #1, Legion Lost #1, Mister Terrific #1, Red Lanterns #1 and Batwoman #1. So download this wonderful podcast and see what we thought of this misfit bunch of weird and wonderful comics!

Running Time: 01:06:03
Music: White Wedding, Pt. 1- Billy Idol

Rob Andrews


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