SDCC 2011: Reed Gunther

Published on August 2nd, 2011


Hey Comic Impact do you enjoy cowboys? What about bears? Then I have the perfect book for you! It’s called Reed Gunther, and it’s the story of a cowboy and his bear named Sterling. Join us as we talk to Shane and Chris Houghton about their comic book for all ages, which has hit big time at Image Comics after its humble beginnings

Find out what it’s like working with your brother on a comic book. We also discuss some of the best western movies of all time. Does Simon give an idea the boys may use in a upcoming issue? Who knows? We do, so turn off your Brad Paisley playlist and watch this video. If you live in the Los Angeles area, be sure to stop by Galaxy of Comics on August 10th where both Shane and Chris Houghton will be singing copies of Reed Gunther.

Simon Daoudi