DC Relaunch Pre-Order

Published on August 23rd, 2011

Courtesy of Hero Complex. As we continue to countdown to “DC’s New 52”  Jim Lee and Dan Didio sat down to talk with Geoff Boucher and his blog Hero Complex. In the article they talk quite frankly about the state of the Direct Market and the motivation behind the company wide relaunch. In a stunning bit of news, DC revealed that Justice League #1 pre-orders exceeded 200,000 copies with an additional six titles in the relaunch having pre-orders that exceeded over 100,000 copies. Holy cow!!! While I’m sure people were expecting an increase in market share, I don’t think anyone expected numbers this high.


I’m genuinely happy for all the guys over at DC Comics. This is also pretty exciting news for the comic book industry as a whole, who has had months this year where NO titles have exceeded 100,000 copies let alone multiple titles. Now before I get too excited, I have to ask, with DC offering full return-ability, will these numbers stand come the end of September/beginning of October? You also have to wonder, can DC sustain numbers like this beyond the second and third months. I hope so. Alright DC, you have our attention. You have the momentum.YOU have to keep it going, don’t stop now.

Matt Todd