Review: Batman Beyond #7

Published on July 12th, 2011

You know a comic book is really good when it gets three consecutive issues reviewed by three different people at Comic Impact. As long as they’re positive, anyway. I think that’s what the professionals refer to as a “turkey.” I’m sure by now, you have realized that what I’m getting at is that Batman Beyond #7 is another great issue from writer, Adam Beechen and artist, Ryan Benjamin.

batmanbeyond7This issue is the end of the current storyline which has brought Blight back into the world of Batman Beyond. What’s great about this comic is that it is focused on a really cool battle between Blight and Batman, but at the same time old Mr. Wayne is fighting Blight in the business world. The action stuff is really entertaining, from beginning to end. Terry has to really be on top of his game to take down Blight and with Bruce being tied up with his own stuff, it’s one of the few times we see Terry completely on his own.

As awesome as the action was in this book, I found the stuff with Bruce Wayne getting the best of the union rep was just as entertaining. After reading Batman for years, there’s always those times where you think that there’s no way Batman could get out of this situation, but he always manages to come out on top. And even though this wasn’t a matter of life and death, seeing Bruce get back everything he’s lost gave us a reminder why he’s one of the best strategists in comic books.

Even though this issue was the end of the storyline, Beechen has set up stuff for the next one. There’s some ongoing stuff with Max and her maybe getting involved with this freaky computer terrorist organization that’s been slowly building up. What I’m really interested in, is the stuff going on with Terry’s now ex-girlfriend and her brother. At this point we don’t know a whole lot about him, all we do know is that he’s been in prison and has a questionable history. I think the fact that we don’t know anything about this guy is what makes it interesting. Maybe it’s just me, but Dana’s brother is starting to remind me of the stuff going on with Jim Gordon’s son in Detective Comics (another great Batman book that you should be reading). I think with this issue, Beechen has done a great job in keeping readers interested for quite some time by setting up some new stories.

This is definitely one of the best books that DC is publishing right now. It probably has something to do with this book being so separate from the DC universe. This is a comic that anyone can pick up and enjoy without having to worry about reading any other comics. I still haven’t seen anything that confirms that this book will still be going after the DC relaunch, but if this book isn’t going anymore, it’ll be a huge mistake for DC comics.

Ken Zeider